Vegetarian Diet


If you want to be a true Yogi, you have to do your best to live according to the Eight Limbs of Yoga; the first one being Yamas (Ethical Disciplines). These Ethical Disciplines include ”Ahimsa” (non-harming). Ahimsa means that we should all be kind to each other, feel compassion, not to harm anybody and practice non-violence. Practicing vegan or vegetarian diet is considered part of Ahimsa.

During the teacher training, we've studied more about these diets and after 2 months of training, for me this is the first week I have not had any meat so far. Before I tried by best to do vegetarian diet every now and then but only for 1-2 days at a time. I´m really curious about how I´ll feel after this week. I understand that I still need to learn so much about the diet, just to make sure I continue getting enough vitamins etc but most importantly, I need to learn how to cook :)!

This week I realized it has not been that difficult. My breakfast, snacks and dinner for a long time have almost completely been vegetarian, so this means I only need to figure what to have for lunch. Luckily our 5th Annual Yoga Camping is just around the corner and it looks like we'll be cooking a lot (40 people already signed up!) - A good chance to learn a few vegan dishes!



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