The Growing Seed

The post effect of Lightrail Yoga Teacher Training

By Yamilet Guntin, LTY trainee/2016

There was a monk who wanted to get enlightened so bad that he decided to go up a mountain thinking that hermitage was going to help in the process. While climbing the mountain he found a master Zen coming down with a pile of wood on his back, he stroke a conversation with the master and right there and then the master announced to the monk that he has been enlighten. The monk was so surprise and caught up in the moment that did not know what to do with the news and the next question out his mouth was..What am I supposed to do now? The master Zen just looked at the monk and turn his back picked up the pile of wood and continued his descent.

It has been a month since I graduated from my yoga teacher training and I start to feel the growing effect of the little seed planted in me during the five months spent learning the "yoga stuff as a transformation of the mind".  I sort of feel in a twilight zone just like the monk. Without getting too technical, it takes time for the brain to process new knowledge therefore you are indeed recording but you won't become aware right away. It takes time even for those who are constantly working on keeping high levels of awareness so for the rest of us it might take a little longer but if you remain observant and patient you will be able to harvest every single bit of that knowledge. I'm, to my delicious surprise, on that process.

The only thing that I can report with clarity right now is the gratefulness I feel for both my teachers specially Radha (sorry Ben!) for encourage me to take this route. I don't know where this road will lead in me the future. I may as well go on and become a teacher who knows for now I'm absorbing this new found enlightenment. I'm in the digestive process of this new wonderful feeling that something has fundamentally changed in me for good. I, from the bottom of my heart, highly recommend this training and the teachers, especially if your goal is to teach, you will definitely polish whatever you have learn about Yoga until now, and more importantly, you will transform yourself into something better, more beautiful. At the end of the day that is what Yoga does to you!

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