By Nulise Santana, LTY 300 Hour trainee/2016

We all have a little voice in our heads that is constantly commenting, agreeing, disagreeing from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. And, it's not always the most positive and friendly!
Meditation helps to observe that little voice and all the thoughts flowing through our mind and when we begin simply observing and not reacting to these thoughts, we can gain control of our life.
Clearly, we have no control over the circumstances in our life. Storms, hurricane, earthquakes, environment, external influences - these things happen. What we do have control over, however, is how we choose to handle these circumstances. Our reaction to life is what has the biggest impact on the quality of our lives.
In the book "Meditation and it's practice" by Swami Rama, he states, "Control does not mean stopping these things entirely, or over indulging. Control means balance." To achieve this "control" he mentions, we can calm down the parts of the mind that are running so fast.
The way to practice this state of mind control, we must find the space to sit quietly, close our eyes and take a moment to really listen to that inner knowing we all have. This inner knowing is called Meditation.When you close your eyes, you open your eyes to your inner self. And when you open your eyes to your inner self, your true self emerges, your questions get answers, your mind becomes more calm. We begin to accept things in the form that they come, we begin to experience life in a state of oneness.

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