Mantra Experience

My journal with mantra repetition started many years ago and I had a wonderful experience even though I didn’t have any clue what mantra was. Back them I thought it was a type of brainwash, prayer or cult. I was curious about the practice so I gave a shot and soon enough I understood it was a simple meditation practice.

So let’s start first understanding what mantra means...

Mantra is sound, and sound is reverberating in everything in this universe. Sound has enormous power, in fact it has the power to create an entire universe, and our body is a mini universe. According to ancient Indian belief in the beginning there was sound, which reverberated as Om and from that sound everything came into existence. Even modern scientist are beginning to recognize that there exists a vibration which reverberates ceaselessly throughout the cosmos.

My first experience with Hare Krishna Mantra was 20 years ago. I could feel a powerful vibration, like a waterfall inside myself, washing my heart and soul. Many times I could not sing or repeat it anymore and I ended up crying. At the same time that I was having a joyful experience my old patterns, subconscious and ego were resisting and blocking myself. So I stumble many times, actually I still have hard time sometimes to calm my mind and connect.

I  love the Hare Krishna mantra, when I hear or sing it my heart melts and love flows into my body, mind and soul. The power of any mantra is beyond our imagination, we can understand the meaning of the mantra, but we cannot measure its strength.

Everything is about practice and have your own experience 😉  We need spiritual vision to see the Divine Light within us, and it is easily available to all through Divine and Holy names. Chant and Be happy!

Mantra meditation can renovate our inner being. Our mind is created by the thoughts and feelings that continuously arise in us, we are a continually changing. When we project a stream of light, like a mantra into the mind, it stabilizes it and focuses it in one direction, the direction of the self, the light. It helps us to transcend our confusion, our fantasies, fears and the constant changes of the mind.

Meaning of Hare Krishna Mantra

‘Hare’ refers to the Lord’s energy, invokes that Self-revealing energy

‘Krishna’ refers to the all attractive Lord himself, specifically denotes the attractive Lord who possesses unlimited wealth, fame, beauty, knowledge, strength & renunciation. All people are naturally attracted by these magnificence.

‘Rama’ refers to the God as enjoyer of everything.

These words placed in order, constitute a 16 word mantra:

'Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,

Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,

Hare Rama, Hare Rama,

Rama Rama, Hare Hare.'


The origin of this practice dates back to 5,000 years ago when Lord Krishna was born in Vrindavan to save the citizens from the tyrant King Kansa. Later in the 16th century Chaitanya Mahaprabhu revived the Hare Krishna Movement and preached that all can gain a personal relationship with the Lord through sankirtana, a collective chanting of the name of Krishna. Many religious leaders kept alive the belief of "leading the people towards god through devotional songs and selfless Bhakti" — the way of devotion.


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