Want to increase flexibility of your hips and pelvis?



If so, Dandasana is a perfect asana for you!


Dandana, or Staff Pose, helps you to become more flexible and also improves your posture. For me it's very challenging to sit on the floor with my back straight as I'm used to sitting at work, at my office, for about 8-10 hrs/ day - it's so easy to be lazy and sit in a bad posture! Not only Dandasana, but yoga in general, has helped me a lot in paying more attention to my posture.

To go into Dandasana, you first have to sit on your mat or floor, legs straight and extended in front of you. Make sure your spine is as straight as possible, tuck your tummy in, and make sure you are pressing your sitting bones as well as your heels down. Oh, and feet should be flexed! Legs and feet are hip width apart and for extra support, if you want, you can place your hands on the floor next to your hips. But again, no lifting of your shoulders, try to keep your torso relaxed! Dhristi point is straight ahead. Then just continue inhaling and exhaling and feel your core strengthening!




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