Split Pose – Hanumanasana

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Hanumanasana—the pose dedicated to Lord Hanuman

Doing the splits may seem like an impossible dream for you, or it may feel like one of the relaxed pose. Either way, there are many benefits to practicing this pose or working your way towards it. No matter where you are on your way to fully expressing this pose, your legs will be getting the stretch of a lifetime. This is particularly great if you ride a bike, walk, run, or generally use your legs a lot on a daily basis.

This pose is one of the more challenging postures to get right when it comes to alignment. In this posture, you will be asked to be acutely aware of almost every muscle in your body which, when practiced mindfully over time, will support you to develop deep body awareness. I love this pose for increasing the will of mind to stick with a difficult pose and see yourself through the wish to give up. This power of mind can then be used in many other zones of your life.

When you stick with this pose, you will be calling on your mind and heart to be soft and gentle, to be compassionate and kind to your body.

Do you practice this pose frequently?



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