Revolving Side Angle Pose- Parivritta Parsvokonasana


Revolving side angle pose is one of the poses that has truly grown on me. As a beginner yogi I really struggled with this pose. I always felt really clumsy and I couldn’t twist my upper torso too much. Of course, there was also the balancing act! I still like to place my knee on the floor for a deeper twist first and then try to balance after lifting the knee off the ground, and I have to say, every day is different. I’m learning to surrender to the pose and letting each day express them selves without expectations. Balancing could be tricky on this one! It’s one of the poses that with the years I have learned to love, as I’m also finally learning the benefits of Parivritta Parsvokonasana. Just to name a few of the benefits, this pose strengthen and stretches the legs and back. It increases flexibility in the hips and shoulders. Most importantly for me, energizes the digestive system and massages the internal organs. Learning in depth about the poses and their benefits is one of the reasons why I’m taking this teacher training.



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  1. Dear Susana: Hello there! I wanted to share this with you. I also struggle with Parivritta Parsvokonasana (even writing the name took me time!) I can't seem to turn my torso enough to make my elbow move to the outer side of my knee (then there is also the issue with my new found menopausal belly jajaja.) So for the longer time I've been stuck hopelessly on my two knees on the floor without attempting to challenge it......and then I read your comment. I have to report with honesty what sparked my inspiration and is the fact that I thought I was one of the few with this struggle and also the fact that in my mind this will be the last pose you would have issues with since I think you are a very accomplished yoga practitioner. So this Friday I took my inspiration to class and went for the standing version! I know is a process but I'm pretty sure this is going to make an impact in my overall practice. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us/me, I will treasure it and honor it. Kisses and lots love
  2. Lovely Yamilet, It makes me so happy to read you gave the standing version a try! You will start feeling stronger and better at this pose (or any pose) the more you practice it. I know that sometimes it's hard to challenge ourselves even more in some of the yoga poses but as you get stronger the poses begin to feel different and you star noticing this beautiful relationship with them. First is hard and too difficult and you're anxious to get out it. Then you begin to feel more in control of the pose and you don't mind it so much. Eventuality, you're one with pose and feel comfortable and happy your doing whatever pose might be on that day. I still struggle with so many poses... Let's just say I'm at a different point in my relationship with each individual pose

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