Vrksasana: Tree Pose

It’s a literal translation from Sanskrit. Vrksa means tree, and asana means physical yoga posture.

Everyone loves Tree Pose! I believe Tree pose it’s an iconic yoga pose. When I have told my students in conversation that I practice yoga, the first pose they want to imitate (to let me know that they know what yoga is) it’s Tree pose. I love to see them try balancing on one leg while trying to imitate the pose. Tree pose is not as easy as it seems and it takes awhile to master the pose. You start by standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose.) Then, ground one foot to the floor and lift the other leg bending the knee and placing the sole of the foot inside the thigh (or below the knee lower to the ground) opening the hip. You can place your hands in front of your heart or raise arms overhead. The Drishti or gaze should be straight ahead at a focus point for balance. There are great benefits to this pose; improves balance, straighten ligaments and tendons of the feet, and tones standing legs to name a few. It’s definitely one of the poses I have practiced the most, but just like any balancing pose, there are still days when my tree looks like there is breeze passing by.

One of the many things I’m realizing in this Yoga Training is to just be present and grateful. I have this great opportunity to practice yoga and go more in depth into each pose and other aspects of the yoga path. It doesn’t matter if some times my tree is under a storm or on a peaceful sunny day, I’m just grateful for my current tree.

How does your tree look like?



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