Upcoming Teacher Training

200 Hour Program- Weekends Format

April 25th - June 14th


Saturday and Sunday : 11am - 7pm 

Tuesdays: 6:30 - 9pm

The 200-hour Lightrail Yoga Teacher Training program in classical Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga is designed to provide the training, practice and teaching experience for yoga students to gain the skills and confidence necessary to become effective yoga instructors and practitioners. Graduates of this program will be eligible to register with the YOGA ALLIANCE and use the registry mark, RYT (registered yoga teacher).

The training includes instruction and practice in the hatha-vinyasa yoga techniques of centering, warm-ups, postures, sequences. breathing exercises, deep relaxation, meditation and integration. In addition, the philosophy of yoga, history, anatomy, physiology and many other topics will be covered. Trainees will learn effective methods for teaching and designing classes, introducing new postures, modifications, variations, assists, adjustments and detailed alignment. They will learn to guide students into a deep, integrated yoga experience and practice, balancing a challenging physical practice with an understanding of the mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga.

This training is ideal for students who aspire to become teachers or those who would just like to simply deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.

You will study over 50 asanas along with restorative movements using hands-on assists, optimal alignment principles, and dynamic sequencing. You will also be provided with energetic and physical alignment principles and modifications that help students find their full potential within their practice.

This teacher training has a limited class size in order to facilitate personal learning objectives. Our small class sizes ensures that our graduates fully understand the subtleties of physical alignment, emotional connection, and spiritual well-being that are crucial components to their teaching path. The commitment to our students’ individual attention, questions and priorities helps to make our program unique.

Dates and Hours

Saturdays - 11am - 7:00pm

Sundays - 11am - 7:00pm

Tuesday 6:30pm-9pm


April:  25-26

May: 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31

June: 6-7, 13-14

Graduation and Test: TBA


Overview of Curriculum

  • Advanced study of asana (proper alignment, benefits and variations)

  • Meditation and Pranayama

  • Principles of anatomy

  • Hands-on adjustments

  • How to evaluate alignment

  • The science and art of sequencing

  • Cultivating your voice

  • Confidence-building through practice (you will practice teaching)

  • Intro to Sanskrit - terms and names of postures

  • The origin of yoga and yoga philosophy

  • Sacred mantra chanting

  • Bhakti Immersion: Inspirational stories from the Yoga tradition that teach us how to live a life of Yoga.

  • Study of Sacred Text: Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads

  • The Business of Yoga

  • Kirtan Workshops

  • Marketing

  • The Chakras, Nadis and the Subtle Body

Upon completion students become qualified to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200 level and be eligible to further their training with our 300hr program and other advanced workshops.

Program Price

Full Program Teacher Training:

Paid Full: $2,550

Early Bird until February 28th: $2,250

Payment Plan: $2550 /  3 parcels of $850, April/May/Jun 5th


Tuition Includes :

A comprehensive teacher training manual

3 months yoga membership to Lightrail Yoga Studio. *Starts on 4/25/2020

and ends 7/26/2020. If they currently have a membership, we will freeze it on 4/25/2020.



The Lead Teachers Radha-Krishna Lila and Benjamin Smielowitz are supported by the combined experience and tenure of guest teachers who are experts in their field to create a well-rounded training program that introduces trainees to different aspects of yoga. Each teacher has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in their particular style.

Program Directors



Radha Krishna Lila from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Benjamin Smielowitz from New York met in a yoga studio at South Beach, Miami where they bumped into each other after a yoga class they were both taking. Always aware that the other was teaching at the same studio but never met beforehand, soon after they started sharing their knowledge of yoga, dance, fitness and life together. Benjamin was trained in Classical Hatha Raja Yoga by Sri Dharma Mittra at the Dharma Yoga Center in NYC. Radha has trained with Sri Dharma at the Dharma Yoga Center in NY as well, Radha has been a professional dancer for more than 20 years. They now teach various classes, workshops and training's together and individually. Benjamin and Radha are also musicians and singers and have produced three albums together with mantras and healing songs.

Pre Requisites:

You have a desire to deepen your yoga practice and broaden your understanding of yoga philosophy.

You’re ready to open your heart and learn all you need to know to become a yoga teacher.

You’ve been practicing yoga for at least 6 months.

You are 18 or older.

Fill out an application.


Attend all weekends requested

Observing 3 classes

Assisting 3 classes

Teaching 3 community classes

Self-Studies from notes and books

Self-practice (asana; journaling; meditation)

Apply now to begin this transformative experience!

Submit an email to lightrailyoga@gmail.com to receive application form.

We look forward to welcoming you in our new group and join us in this life-changing journey!

If you have any questions or concerns, call Radha at 786 294-1264.