" I didn't know what to expect when I signed up to go to my first yoga retreat in a country I have never visited before, but that is one thing I took away from the experience: to truly embrace the unexpected, because it will return so much more than you would anticipate. Having Brazil as the backdrop was a wonderful detail to the retreat, but it was the people involved that truly made my experience. Radha and Ben are wonderful teachers who embody the spirit of yoga. The people of the Dharma Shala Ecovilla are truly the most gracious hosts. The ecovilla itself is a mirage out of the rainforest; an unforgettable place. So many surreal moments like waking up the mountain ranges of Paraty, climbing up waterfalls, and meditating at sunrise and sunset. Nothing but good friends, good food and good times. All you need to do is say yes and namaste!"