I always had the curiosity of going to Synergy as it is right next to my home. I finally walked in there and had the pleasure of taking class with Radha and Benjamin. I have ever since, began going to class in the mornings at 7 am. I have noticed quite a change not only in the flexibility and strength that I have gained but the ability of dealing with day to day stress. I am a freelance graphic designer and usually being a freelancer brings a lot of anxiety and stress, as every month there is not an insured pay day. I have noticed how more efficient and calm I have gotten through understanding the principles of yoga and learning how to relax and see everything from an outer perspective. I feel that in only about 4 months I have grown much more as a person and learned so much of the ability of being calm in uncomfortable situations. I never had a real passion for any sport or practice, and this is definitely something that I can say I have love for thanks to my great teachers. Radha and Ben have shown me a lot of love and dedicated a lot of their time into teaching me and I am very blessed to feel a part of Synergy community now :).

Debbie Bostwick