Why I Want to be a Yoga Teacher

The moment you fall in love with yoga, it starts to make you a stronger, happier, more successful person. The journey I have been on with yoga has been so rewarding- lt is one of the best things that has happened to me so far in this life. The teacher's Miami that have helped me get into difficult poses like inversions for the first time, and the teachers who inspire me with how well they can practice yoga both physically and mentally have a special place in my heart.

The yoga community around me physically and virtually through social media has taught and inspired me so much. I am at a point where I have realized yoga is more than just an exercise. Yoga is everywhere, yoga is everything. With this teacher training, I am learning new things everyday about yoga, myself, and the situations around me. I have noticed my change in energy and the change in the energies I attract. Yoga had changed me and had brought many amazing people into my life. I feel like I was asleep before I found yoga because life before yoga wasn't actually being lived and enjoyed.

The yoga teachers, masters, and fellow yogis in my life have made a positive impact in my life. I want to be that positive impact for someone else. Yoga is my way to help others. By teaching others and sharing ideas with others, I can change lives, I can deepen my practice, and I can learn more. I can give someone else the power to be content, to be present, to be wise, to live life how they want and to continuously inspire.

I know that I am still in the beginning of an eternal journey. I feel ready for what is to come. The good and the bad. The scary and the fun. I am looking forward to teaching community classes this month!! A few months ago this thought terrified me but I have grown to be fearless. It's an amazing feeling, an untouchable gift which I can give to others. Becoming a yoga teacher is...


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