~What Yoga is to me~

The first time I took a yoga class about a year ago , I've felt a grounding sensation I've never experienced before. I felt more connected with my mind, body, and soul as if the 3 were resonating in harmony with each other giving me a euphoric sensation filled with love. Awakening me to a whole new beautiful path in life; the yogic path.

This quickly triggered a big shift within me. I started to be more aware of my thoughts knowing that my internal thoughts affected and molded the external world. Loving myself, which i think is the most important and challenging to me and it's something that I'm still working on this day.  Along with that being kind to my body, feeding it only the cleanest nutrient-abundant foods out there eventually converting me to veganism. I was motivated to be the best version of myself slowly discarding anything and anyone that brought negativity into my life. Thus, inspiring me to start yoga teacher training with lightrail yoga.

This is what yoga is to me, it's a pathway to your highest self, following your heart and intuition, being in the present moment and showing gratitude for all the simple beautiful things in life. With all the being said, I'm very excited to see the person I will mold into by the end of this training, cant wait to see what's to come!


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