Every day I wake up thinking about us. Yes us! You, me, the tree, the dog, the ant and the planet! Thousands of questions come to me every day. As I commute to my job, I am always paying attention to my surroundings. I love to see the start of a new day, people getting ready for their days, their faces and actions. That’s why I like to wake up early with the rising sun with a new hope. I see people out there trying to survive, seeing others getting in the way of everything with negativism and sometimes criticism. What are we doing to our planet, to our people? What I am doing? What is going on in other’s minds? Why everything seems wrong? Why we don’t change? Why are we so selfish? Why we need to step in others in order to succeed? As I am getting more familiar with this new path, I stop to think about my thought and my actions. Every night, I am rethinking about the mistakes I made, and how to change those them. What I was thinking in that precise moment.

But before preach and share, we have to apply to our own lives. We should pay attention at our actions and reactions and their consequences. It is really easy to say things but the difficult part is to apply those things to our lives. Sometimes we don’t even notice our aggressiveness towards others and rarely accept responsibility for the consequences. There is usually someone else to be blamed. Sometimes we turn aggressive because we don’t hear, and we don’t accept suggestions or other ways to think.

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