The Yoga Sutras

As a requirement for the course we had to get several books, some on the physical anatomy and other on the history and philosophy behind Yoga. One book that has really intrigued me is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, i like to compare it as somewhat of a bible or guideline for people who have chosen the Yogic path of life. This book can offer wisdom, enlightenment, and guidance to help any individual in their daily lives. Laying out all the obstacles you can face in your path, and practical ways to overcome them so you can reach samadhi. It has helped me to be more consciously aware and detach and just let everything unfold as it should. Also has helped me get more in depth to understanding the philosophy behind Yoga. This translation makes it easily understandable to all levels of readers,  I would recommend this book strongly to anyone 🙂

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