Teaching my first yoga class

I was so nervous the day of my first class, so i did some meditation before it began. This helped calm me, but i still had butterflies in my stomach. I got the sequence memorized i was just worried that i would mess up during or not offer a fulfilling class. Time to start the class and it consisted of two people, which was better for me so i can give better attention to both my students. The class ran smoothly i had a couple mistakes here and there but since my class was only beginners, i was able to work around them. I got my left and rights correct. Keeping in mind everything Radha and Benjamin has taught me throughout the course. Main thing was to focus on the breath, and taking your time.  At the end of the class i felt so relieve and proud of myself for powering through my first yoga class! I remember thinking "that wasnt so bad, why was i so nervous?" I think from now on, it will be easier and less nerve-wrecking for me to teach a class. Soon enough it will become natural and after getting the feel of teaching i can see myself being a teacher in the near future and incorporating my own style to yoga.

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