“Satya”, Truthfulnes

This time I´m continuing Debbie´s, my fellow trainees’, path in my blog. She explained beautifully about the first “Yama”, or the first Ethical Discipline in Yoga, called “Ahimsa” (non-harming).

The second one is called “Satya”; being true to ourselves and others. For me this Yama is very close to my heart. I come from a small country where Satya is part of our culture, society and how we are used to living. Sometimes this might make people very vulnerable when they leave the country and travel to places where values are different from back home. However, practicing Satya is very liberating and I think we should do our best to “root all deeds in truthfulness”, as much as we can, like Patanjali says. It is also interesting to realize that the more you practice honesty and integrity, the more power your words will have; in everything. Therefore, you must also be mindful on your words.satya







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