Practice and Patience is the Key

Week 3 of our Teacher Training done, this weekend was my favorite so far, practice and patience is the key.  I noticed the progress i had made after the first two weeks of training and i felt like my body had more energy & stability and i was more able to keep up during the yoga classes than the previous 2 weeks. We walked through my favorite poses this weekend, backbends 🙂 and then also worked on the most challenging ones for me, crow pose and shoulder stands, Radha walked us through strategically step by step how to get into the poses with the perfect form and by the end of the weekend i was more confident and excited to go home and practice them some more 🙂 i will admit when i first signed up for teacher training i was nervous that i wouldn't be able to do all the poses and keep up with the rest of the class but after seeing how much I have progresses after just two weeks i know that i will get better and more flexible every day and i just have to be patient and practice daily and most importantly believe in myself. We also got introduced to a book called Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which i found very intriguing, I've been reading it every morning and have actually applied it to my daily life, I'm feeling more refreshed than ever. I’m so excited for this 4th weekend!


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  1. Thanks for shnagri. Always good to find a real expert.

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