My practice of Ahimsa

I practiced Ahimsa the other day towards a customer at my work, she was finishing up her lunch then asked for her check. I brought her check to the table and walked back to my station, i then noticed her fumbling around in her bag taking everything out frantically looking for something, which i assumed was her wallet. She looked very worried, so i came up to her and asked her if everything was okay, she then said "Im so sorry i must have left my wallet at home, i don't have any cash on me.. I'm not sure how i can pay for this" I could tell she was very embarrassed, so i asked her how soon she can get back and if there was a phone number she can give me. She gave me her card and said she promised she would be back in 15 minutes, so i told her my name and said to come directly to me so we can be as discreet as possible about this, knowing i could get in trouble if she didn't come back, but i took a leap of faith and let her go. I would appreciate someone to do the same for me if i were in her shoes. 15 minutes later, i was starting to worry because she didn't show. But then another 10 minutes later the phone rang at the cafe and to my surprise it was her! She said she had to stop for gas and she would be here in 5 minutes. She comes into the cafe with an envelope, with the amount of her check and an extra $15 dollars in tip, she thanked me, and told me she makes essential oils and she threw in a blend of purifying oils as a thank you for being so kind and helpful! I love essential oils so the gift was much appreciated, but i got the satisfaction out of helping out a fellow human and seeing how thankful and happy she was 🙂

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  1. Hey, that's poruwfel. Thanks for the news.

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