I am not really good at this thing of writing or talking out loud; actually, this is my first

blog ever! I always keep knowledge and information to myself, I am a really good listener

but I am about to change or at least I am going to try and let’s see what happens.

It doesn’t matter what type of yoga you chose to practice, we are all in the same path, the

path of finding your inner self, your soul and your spirit through this long and passionate

journey. Something that I love about yoga practice is that life lessons never cease, you

always have something new to learn or share.

After my first week of my TT, I have felt so many things inside me and everything is

shifting; this practice is teaching me to develop patience, which I did not have. I used to be

intolerant, irritated with myself, when I could not do a pose or follow the guide, I used to

compare myself with others in the room and the only thing I used to get was frustration. I

know this happen to all of us, because I see eyes looking at me in the same way I look at

them, and it only deviates my attention towards my practice, Now I am beginning to

change my way of seeing my practice. I am working towards a goal of chasing no just

physical effort. I am merging the physical with heart, soul and spiritual work paying

attention to my breath, I am thinking positively. I am changing I know it and feel it.

All journeys begin with a decision mine was to join Radha & Ben on the TT and it has been

an incredible experience by far, and I am very proud of myself. I am hunger for more

knowledge and I am ready to take more challenges.

I have been practicing for about 5 years sporadically, and know I am taking my practice to

a whole new level; I am really excited to see where this road will take me and I am really

happy and comfortable in my mat. Thank you all for this opportunity.


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