Mantra and Kirtan Experience

Beginning every class with "Om" awakens my soul. With my eyes closed, I really feel the vibration of my voice and the voices around me. This makes me feel like I am more than just a mind or body, all I feel is the energy around me and the energy of my spirit.

In the past, I have experienced kirtan with Benjamin and Radha at Upstairs yoga and Dharma Yoga Studio and it always uplifts me and makes me grateful for the present moment.

This Sunday, we chanted mantras kirtan style and played instruments together. First you could tell that we felt a little silly because we were uncomfortable with the instruments but after the first mantra, we started to get lost in the vibrations.

When I closed my eyes, singing and playing along, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I took a moment to observe everyone and see all of us smiling at each other. This gave me such a feeling of gravitate and happiness that I could have cried in class. Here we are, seven souls in a beautiful studio, with clothes on our backs, vegan food in our bellies, and smiles on our faces. While we got to sing and smile together, there were other people in other parts of the world who don't have everything we have. We are all so lucky to participate in this training including our teachers Benjamin and Radha.

All seven of us came from different parts of the world (four different countries!) but we were all brought together for this beautiful experience. We are seven lucky selves and I am grateful to have you guys in my life.



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