I've had quite a few yoga classes over the years where a teacher added a small amount of kirtan. Usually just a few minutes, sometimes in the beginning of class, sometimes at the end. I would see "Kirtan Events" pop up on facebook, and I didn't really get it. I'd think, isn't that just part of an asana practice? Do kirtan and Jivamukti go hand in hand? Do they have to have an accordion-keyboard (Harmonium) thing? I began listening, and *watching*, kirtan videos on Youtube. Aside from it being beautiful music, there was something so utterly joyful about it. To chant and sing in unison and in rounds, as a large group or just a small gathering. I started to find myself singing along in the car to Krishna Das and other famous artists. Even if I didn't know all the words, or the deeper meaning hadn't reached me yet, just the way it sounded and vibrated made me happy.

When Benjamin and Radha had an extended Kirtan session for us during one of our training weekends, everything clicked. As we sat in a small circle and rattled maracas, tapped drums, and chimed chimes, everyone looked supremely happy.

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