Discovering the Chakras

This week we learned about the seven chakras and we were given a self evaluation test to discover what our strongest and weakest chakras are. I found it interesting that my strongest and weakest chakras are somewhat contradictory however, the stronger chakra is definitely what I have been using to strengthen my weakest chakra. In the past year, yoga has strengthened my weakest chakra significantly and I didn't even realize this was happening.

My weakest chakra is the seventh chakra, the crown chakra. When this chakra is out of balance it causes headaches, senility (memory loss), indecisiveness, depression, and stressing out about your life being meaningless. I definitely suffer from all of the above symptoms and always have but these symptoms have significantly decreased in the last ten years. I always talk to myself when I'm in a bad place and tell myself that everything will be okay, everything will work out. I have worked to focus on what is good in my life rather than bad. As far as the bad, I learn to work through it or figure out something to do to solve the problem. This is my strongest chakra at work, my heart chakra (the fourth chakra). The heart chakra is associated with inner peace, joy, and the ability to love.

Yoga has significantly increased the strength of my crown chakra even though it is still weak. The crown chakra is associated with knowing yourself. Something I was always questioning as I was growing up. Regular yoga practice is getting me closer and closer to knowing who I am. I have been severely attached to materialistic things in the past which negatively affects this chakra. Yoga has allowed me to let go of the materials I was attached to and allowed me to get more organized and declutter both my physical world and my mental world. All of this started before I started learning about the morals, ethics, and positive effects of yoga.

The chakras are always something that I heard about but never studied or understood. It's interesting to know now what they are and be able to look back at my life and see how these chakras have been blocked in the past and how they are getting strengthened now.



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  1. Wow! Best explanation of cahrkas I've ever heard! I've been doing yoga for several years off and on and I do experience extremely helpful shifts in my body, mind and emotional state when I do it regularly it's so just difficult to keep it up!!! Sounds like you're going through a similar experience with meditation. I also tried meditation and found it too difficult to just try and clear my mind so I have tried focusing on my breathing and. each time I try, it triggers my asthma! Funny how the three things that leave me out of breath are climbing mountains quickly, running and focusing on my breath :p Thank goodness for body based meditation dance and yoga together I'm finding really help me to be more present in body and mind and to interact with others in more responsible, clear headed and compassionate ways (where I never end up regretting the interaction but rather am delighted with what I contributed and how it went).Thank you for putting this information out in a non-biased, information for the sake of information kind of way If we're going to build a resilient culture of self-responsible human beings, we have to be well informed and, as I have a feeling you may agree, to be well informed, information MUST be accessible to all!!! Thank you for bringing this to me and everyone else who has heard this clear, respectably sourced description of a pseudo enigma in the metaphysics' world I'm on to explore more podcasts!

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