Ahimsa Towards Our Planet

Choosing Organic

This week, we were asked to be conscious about how we practice Ahimsa. Ahimsa is being kind to all living things on earth and showing compassion towards others. A part of Ahimsa is being one with nature. By showing respect to nature, it will show respect to you. This is why I choose to buy organic produce.

Organic produce nourishes the soil. It's an incredible circle or life really. Organic gardening or farming does not add any chemicals to the soil, allowing it to thrive. Then when organic matter decays, it becomes a part of the soil which then nourishes the next organic plants and so on.

When we take care of our bodies, we take care of the planet. We are all connected to the Earth whether we know it or not. Earth provides us with the fuel we need to think, play, work, and live. When we leave our bodies, we become the Earth.  The soil of earth is constantly recycled. Growing produce using pesticides is poisoning our soil that we so desperately need. Most people do not even realize the consequences of this and how dangerous it can be. Not only are we poisoning our home, we are poisoning our bodies and making it harder for the next generations to have access to organic produce.

If we treat nature with compassion and kindness, it will treat us with compassion and kindness. The human race hasn't been very nice to Earth lately and the natural disasters happening is natures way of fighting back. Yoga has really opened up my mind about this topic and has made me a stronger advocate for organic food.

Many people argue that organic is too expensive but think about this: The more organic produce is bought, the higher the demand goes. When the demand for organic goes higher, farms decrease their use of pesticides to meet this demand. If enough farms do this, organic foods will become more abundant, therefore lowering the cost. So buy organic today and educate all those around you to do the same so that the next generation can be nourished with affordable organic foods!

Namaste 🙂

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