A tale of spirits and discovery

By Yamilet Guntin, LTY trainee/2016

Science is a beautiful thing, but spirit is both beautiful and necessary. I was born in a country that was surrounded by spirits, I remember my great grandmother going to her knees every night to pray her rosary but I also remember her telling me about the spirits that were all around us protecting us and showing us the way. So I learned at an early age that somehow there was something bigger and more powerful than me called spirits, something that I could just surrender to for guidance. Somewhere along the path I forgot about them.

I was born in Cuba in 1968 in the next 10 years all the churches will be closed and people will have to rely on the "underground world" to connect with their soul and spirits, and like my great grandmother her bedside every night to pray and to keep in touch with her spiritual and religious world. I now come to realize that I always had a yearning within me, I always knew even when I still don't consider myself religious, that there was something bigger than me. I could feel a shadow accompanying me in the moments of despair and the moments of joy but still I forgot what that was, I forgot its name.

After all these years practicing and not knowing much of what Yoga really was I decided to take the teacher training. This has been a complete new journey for me. I have come to learn, among other things, a very valuable lesson on my soul and my spiritual life. I have discovered that although I read about science, learn a lot about science, and try to solve my life through science that yearning that I spoke before, that void that cannot be filled by mere science has been found and in the process of being filled. Lightrail Yoga teacher training has been more that learning to teach yoga for others, much more than improving my asanas, this training has brought me back to my spirit. My spiritual life have been turned on and there is not going back, and I'm so grateful for that. I feel that I am in a complete new dimension. I know that the work on myself will never end but this new light has put many things into perspective, it has redefined the meaning of patience, love, and compassion and for that I will be eternally grateful to my teachers, Benjamin and Radha, and my fellow students.

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