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The Sacred Syllable OM

By Brittany Martinez, LTY 200 Hour trainee/2017 The Scared Syllable OM goes way back past the early times of Sanskrit. It is said that reciting this vibrational sounds is the process of emergence from the unconscious realty to the diverse empirical world. Mantra-Yoga-Samhita explains this as, “Where an effect is experiences, there also is some…
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Yoga & Recovery

By Michael Ortiz, LTY trainee 2016 One of the primary reasons why I am completing the 200hr RYT training is to bring this amazing and inspiring practice to the recovery community and to share the gifts that I have received thru practicing Yoga. Having 12 years sober myself, I have lived through recovery with and without Yoga and I…
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OM Meditation

Yoga teacher training is teaching me to get out of my comfort zone (I don't feel comfortable chanting since I'm constantly out of tune!) This week I will be practicing mantra meditation. Meditating by chanting the oldest mantra, OM.  Lightrail Yoga Teacher Training Program www.lightrailyoga.com
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