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Being Pregnant While Certifying in Yoga

By Cristina Cernuda LTY trainee/2016 When I made the decision to certify in yoga the thought of getting pregnant couldn’t have been further from my mind—but it seems that’s when these little miracles happen; always when you least expect it. The news was received with incredible joy and relentless excitement, but a small part of me…
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I've had quite a few yoga classes over the years where a teacher added a small amount of kirtan. Usually just a few minutes, sometimes in the beginning of class, sometimes at the end. I would see "Kirtan Events" pop up on facebook, and I didn't really get it. I'd think, isn't that just part…
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Mantra and Kirtan Experience

Beginning every class with "Om" awakens my soul. With my eyes closed, I really feel the vibration of my voice and the voices around me. This makes me feel like I am more than just a mind or body, all I feel is the energy around me and the energy of my spirit. In the…
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