Yoga Foundations Course

Get grounded, Build strength and Relaxing into the Moment.


What is Include

A four week livestremed course designed for both yoga newbies and seasoned practitioners alike. Whether you’ve done three yoga classes or three years, you will fit in. Radha believes that attaining a strong connection between your body and mind is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You'll cover all the most common yoga poses, build strength, master breathing exercises and healthy flexibility. Our live sessions over Zoom will maintain the levels of support and motivation, offering personalized feedback.You will learn:  the basic standing poses and how to find proper alignment in those postures, effective techniques to release tension, breathing techniques to build focus and soothe the nervous system, modifications for common postures to make yoga practice work for your body. The 10 first registrations will get FREE nutrition consultation and BONUS class!


You will receive two FREE admission to a relaxing Restorative Yoga Nidra class, Sundays at 11am. The body’s natural way to recharge is by letting go and allowing nature to heal us.


FREE nutritional consultation! Receive a nutritional guidance and a meal plan based on your needs from Renata Murthy, a Nutritionist Intern with a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.


You will have the option to book one online private session with Radha at a discounted rate, $50/hour. You will receive handouts (by email) and reference material to supplement each class.

Stay Home, Be Strong & Be Calm

Awaken- Activate - Integrate- Nourish

Week 1

We start from the very beginning looking at the basics of alignment, how to use extra props and how to link the breath with movements.

Week 2

Next we go through the basics of ‘flow’, using Sun Salutations to build up strength in your core and upper body.

Week 3

Then we'll look at seated poses and some more breathing techniques and how you can use them to energize or to relax.

Week 4

We'll put everything together in a full sequence with relaxation and meditation in the end.

Radha-Krishna Lila

Radha-Krishna Lila (Cristiane Silva) is a native Brazilian who after receiving her law degree at UFRJ, decided to forego practicing law to pursue her passions through a career as a professional dancer and dance teacher. She first encountered yogic practices through the teachings of Bhakti Yoga where she fell in love with mantra and song. At the time, Radha was a professional dance teacher and dancer who toured internationally to Japan, Korea and the USA. It wasn’t until her career brought her to the US that Radha began to deepen her yogic practices by studying Hatha Yoga. In 2009, she encountered the renowned master yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra, whom she began to study closely with. Under his guidance, she received her E-RYT 500 certification from The Dharma Yoga Center in NYC.

Renata Murthy

Renata Murphy is a Nutritionist Intern with a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and has been providing nutritional counseling for the past year. Renata is currently enrolled in the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. Renata helps clients to improve their health through science-based nutrition to support healing. Renata’s professional interests include educating her clients in proper nutrition, focus on wellness. Renata’s current goal is to become a Certified Nutritionist Specialist (CNS) by next December. Renata is a member of the American College of Nutrition and active in the Health & Nutrition industry.