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Breathing Exercises

    I am beginning to learn to really breathe, a lot of us might not know that we don’t really breathe to our fullest potential. Pranayama ( breathing exercises) are great to practice as there are so many benefits, mentally, physically and health wise. The 3 part breathing specifically (starting with the tummy, to…
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Hatha-Yoga Symbolizes Life Force and Consciousness

During the teacher training, we study about the different forms of Yoga. Hatha-Yoga - one of the most common forms in the Western world - is known as the "forceful" yoga, which is exerted through postures and purification exercises. "Ha" means "Sun" and "tha" means "Moon". Sun and moon represent the joining of the body…
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OM Meditation

Yoga teacher training is teaching me to get out of my comfort zone (I don't feel comfortable chanting since I'm constantly out of tune!) This week I will be practicing mantra meditation. Meditating by chanting the oldest mantra, OM.  Lightrail Yoga Teacher Training Program
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