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Why Vegan?

The Spiritual Side of Veganism/ Why Vegan as Taught by Lightrail Yoga Teacher Training There have been many times at work or with friends who offer me food that isn't vegan (a piece of birthday cake) and they tell me "Come on, just eat it don't be so strict on yourself" as if being vegan…
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My Lightrail Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Yoga teacher training has opened up my mind, my heart, and my eyes. I have learned the power of a deep complete breath and how it helps me when life becomes to much at times. The end of August, our first weekend seems like so long ago because I've learned and changed so much. I'm…
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Mantra and Kirtan Experience

Beginning every class with "Om" awakens my soul. With my eyes closed, I really feel the vibration of my voice and the voices around me. This makes me feel like I am more than just a mind or body, all I feel is the energy around me and the energy of my spirit. In the…
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Why I Want to be a Yoga Teacher

The moment you fall in love with yoga, it starts to make you a stronger, happier, more successful person. The journey I have been on with yoga has been so rewarding- lt is one of the best things that has happened to me so far in this life. The teacher's Miami that have helped me…
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Ahimsa Towards Our Planet

Choosing Organic This week, we were asked to be conscious about how we practice Ahimsa. Ahimsa is being kind to all living things on earth and showing compassion towards others. A part of Ahimsa is being one with nature. By showing respect to nature, it will show respect to you. This is why I choose…
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Discovering the Chakras

This week we learned about the seven chakras and we were given a self evaluation test to discover what our strongest and weakest chakras are. I found it interesting that my strongest and weakest chakras are somewhat contradictory however, the stronger chakra is definitely what I have been using to strengthen my weakest chakra. In…
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Dancer Pose is my current favorite pose

My current favorite asana, pose is Natarajasana or Dancer Pose. Not only is this pose beautiful to look at but there are so many beautiful things going on at the same time! The standing leg is being strengthened while to opposite leg is being stretched. The glutes are being strengthened as well as the back…
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I am so grateful to finally have yoga in my life! I have always been intrigued by it but never could afford to start to learn...then I found out about third street beach yoga, a donation based class.  Since then I've found tons of donation based and cheap yoga events in my city. The more…
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