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GRATITUDE… Thank you

Wow this teacher training has flew by so fast. One minute it's the first day of training, I'm meeting my fellow trainees for the first time and i blink my eyes and next thing i know we are already towards the end teaching our own classes, and i feel like i have gained a new…
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Teaching my first yoga class

I was so nervous the day of my first class, so i did some meditation before it began. This helped calm me, but i still had butterflies in my stomach. I got the sequence memorized i was just worried that i would mess up during or not offer a fulfilling class. Time to start the…
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Raw Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake

Fall season is here! That means bring out the pumpkin recipes! My special recipe is vegan and raw, PUMPKIN PIE CHEESECAKE. I made it for the first time last Thanksgiving for my family, (who is not vegan) and they went crazy over it. It is so delicious and creamy you would think it is a…
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The Yoga Sutras

As a requirement for the course we had to get several books, some on the physical anatomy and other on the history and philosophy behind Yoga. One book that has really intrigued me is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, i like to compare it as somewhat of a bible or guideline for people who have…
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My practice of Ahimsa

I practiced Ahimsa the other day towards a customer at my work, she was finishing up her lunch then asked for her check. I brought her check to the table and walked back to my station, i then noticed her fumbling around in her bag taking everything out frantically looking for something, which i assumed…
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Practice and Patience is the Key

Week 3 of our Teacher Training done, this weekend was my favorite so far, practice and patience is the key.  I noticed the progress i had made after the first two weeks of training and i felt like my body had more energy & stability and i was more able to keep up during the yoga…
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~What Yoga is to me~

The first time I took a yoga class about a year ago , I've felt a grounding sensation I've never experienced before. I felt more connected with my mind, body, and soul as if the 3 were resonating in harmony with each other giving me a euphoric sensation filled with love. Awakening me to a…
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